There 7 bosses in here.

The first boss is a Quest boss and wont drop any loot its surrounded by neutral scarabs so prevent aoe for the rest just tank and spank. The second boss is a boss which summons totems which needs to be destroyed as quickly as possible since they only have 5hp its an easy job He also summons some basilisks which need to be picked up by the tank and then killed by the dpses. The third boss is around the same tactics as the second one only with seketons instead of basilisks. The fourth boss means youre standing at the top of a stair and mobs will swarm to you eventually a boss will appear with a mini boss next to it, its easier to first kill the mini boss. After that the people who helped you on the staircase betrayed you the're 4 mini bosses and can be killed in any order but i personally prefer killing the caster first. Then you will get to the "last boss" wich is the same as the fourth boss but without the swarming adds. The're is also one Hydra at the other side which needs to be summoned and is a Q boss but it wil also grant loot.

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