Vault of archavon (5 bosses so far.)

This can only be done when your faction has Wintergrasp

There actually 2 important bosses in here that drop loot that people actually use (unless you recently dinged 80 but almost noone does them).

- Tovaron the Ice Watcher:

The're 2 important things here you should know.

1: Every now and then the boss summons frozen orbs which must be nukes by the ranged dpses all melee should stay on the boss.

2: The boss applies frostbite to the tanks you need 2 tanks here that taunt each other off at 4 stacks .

- Koralon the Flame Watcher:

Here the're is only 1 thing you should know

- The tank should move the boss so noone comes in his flame AOE and then need to stack to each other

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