The're 12 bosses in here.

The first boss is called Lord Marrowgar. When the fight starts the tanks need to face him off the raid to prevent cleave damage on raid members. The tanks need to stack together otherwise they will get massive damge and die. The boss wil cast coldflame which makes a line of blue flames and everyone should move out of there if they get in it. From time to time he will cast bone spike on a random raid member this is why all ranged dps (excluding hunters) should stay right behind the boss so melee can attack the spike aswell if needed (all ranged need to be on the spike) He will also cast bonestorm he will run (well whatever flying ghosts do) everyone should run away from him he will stop at some places Releasing 4 coldflames in an X direction accros the room for around 3 times so everybody should check what there doing. and after bonestorm the tanks shift back in normal positions facing him away from raid and stacking and then after a few times hes dead.

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