The Deadmines are long, winding tunnels dug out under Westfall and part of northwestern Stranglethorn Vale. It is the lowest level Alliance instance, and is populated by members of the Defias Brotherhood. Its main entrance is located in the town of Moonbrook in southwestern Westfall, but there is also a smaller exit located in the western part of the Dagger Hills, near the ocean. The Deadmines are the center of the Defias operation, led by the ambitious Edwin VanCleef. Many quests occur in and around the Deadmines, as it is a dark and depravious place to be.


During the First War, Lord Lothar ventured into the perilous Deadmines on a quest to obtain the Tome of Divinity. Though he was captured by a band of ogres and held captive for 20 months, he was ultimately rescued and successful in his mission. It was to the dungeons below the Deadmines to which Blackhand's daughter Griselda fled with the ogre Turok. Both were slain by an orcish raid.

Recent HistoryEdit

Once the greatest gold production center in the human lands, the Deadmines were abandoned when the Horde razed Stormwind during the First War. Now the Defias Brotherhood has taken up residence and turned the dark tunnels into their private sanctum. It is rumored that the thieves have conscripted the clever goblins to help them build something terrible at the bottom of the mines, however, what that may be is still uncertain. Rumor has it that the way into the Deadmines lies through the quiet, unassuming village of Moonbrook.

The Deadmines are effectively used as a base by the Defias Brotherhood. However, it is more used as a construction yard for the juggernaut battleship that is under construction in the depths of the Deadmines.


  • Rhahk'Zor

The first boss you will see in The Deadmines. Rhahk'Zor provides a fairly straightforward fight and has the most health out of all bosses except for Edwin VanCleef who his health is roughly tied with. The only "trick" to this fight is the pull. Just wait til he walks farther away from the two Defias mobs, and then pull. Of course, with any decent group, these mobs don't present any sort of difficulty and so can be pulled with the big ogre. Rhahk'zor cannot be slowed by mages' frost spells.

  • Miner Johnson

Miner Johnson is a level 19 elite rare mob human found in the Deadmines. His loot is sought after by twink characters. He is located before the shredder in a little alcove to the left with all the other miners. He is a random spawn, meaning he will not always be there every time you run the Deadmines.

  • Sneed

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